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Finger Lakes Ambulance has provided life-saving ground Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Central New York since 1955. Our Advanced and Basic Life Support First Response service is staffed by a team of experienced and trained professionals dedicated to the highest levels of service. In addition, Finger Lakes Ambulance offers Medical Transporting Services, Specialty Care Transport, Medical Transfers, Bariatric Patient Care Services, and Special Operations (Disaster Relief Teams).

Communities and individuals in need can count on Finger Lakes Ambulance for:

Rapid Response

Ground EMS services can quickly respond during emergencies, ensuring that patients receive timely medical care in critical situations.


Readily available in urban and rural areas, guaranteeing access to healthcare even in remote regions.

Life-Saving Interventions

EMS personnel are trained to administer life-saving interventions such as CPR, defibrillation, and advanced airway management.


EMS teams can stabilize patients at the scene, preventing their condition from deterioration.

Specialized Care

EMS teams include paramedics who are equipped to handle complex medical situations, including trauma and cardiac emergencies.

Transport Services

Safe transportation to healthcare facilities, ensuring patients receive appropriate treatment.

Disaster Response

EMS agencies are integral in disaster response, providing critical medical support during natural disasters and other emergencies.

Improved Outcomes

Early access to professional medical care through EMS can lead to better patient outcomes and recovery.

Advanced Equipment

EMS vehicles are equipped with advanced medical equipment and technology, enabling prompt diagnosis and treatment.


EMS teams collaborate seamlessly with other healthcare providers, creating a coordinated system of care.

Long Distance & Specialty Care Medical Transport

Finger Lakes Ambulance provides essential services for long-distance and specialty medical care transport, catering to patients who require transportation beyond typical local distances or have unique medical needs.

Long-Distance Medical Transport

Interstate and Intrastate Transfers

Finger Lakes Ambulance is equipped to transport patients between states or within the state, ensuring they receive specialized care, second opinions, or treatment unavailable locally.

Comfort and Safety

Long-distance transfers can be physically taxing for patients. Finger Lakes Ambulance prioritizes patient comfort and safety during these journeys, providing experienced medical personnel, advanced equipment, and monitoring.

Specialized Vehicles

They have specialized vehicles designed for long-distance transport, equipped with comfortable beds, life support systems, and medical supplies tailored to the patient’s condition.


Timely and reliable long-distance transport is crucial for patients who require specialized care or need to reach a specific healthcare facility. Finger Lakes Ambulance ensures prompt transfers to minimize patient discomfort and delays in treatment.

Specialty Medical Care Transport

Critical Care Transport

For patients requiring intensive care, Finger Lakes Ambulance offers critical care transport services staffed with highly trained medical professionals capable of managing complex medical conditions during transport.

Advanced Life Support

Patients with critical cardiac, respiratory, or other medical conditions can benefit from advanced life support services, which include advanced cardiac monitoring, ventilator support, and more.

Specialized Training

Their medical teams receive specialized training to handle a wide range of medical conditions and emergencies, ensuring patients receive appropriate care during transport.

Finger Lakes Ambulance’s commitment to patient safety, comfort, and timely transportation makes them a reliable choice for long-distance and specialty medical care transport. Their experienced teams and specialized vehicles are well-equipped to provide essential support for patients with unique medical needs, ensuring they receive the care they require during transport to specialized healthcare facilities.

Contact us for Long distance and specialty medical care transportation services.

Community Education, Engagement & Training

Finger Lakes Ambulance staff engage in community health initiatives, contributing to overall public health and safety and well as community events to help educate the community about the services available. Finger Lakes Ambulance also offers a number of classes and training certifications for individuals interested.

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Fleet Services

By operating and maintaining a fleet of vehicles for decades, Finger Lakes Ambulance has a highly experience and highly skilled team of technicians and mechanics that keel our equipment in top condition.

We are happy to open our service facilities to outside vehicle fleets for repair and maintenance. Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services offers a multitude of advantages that cater specifically to the unique needs of commercial fleet operators.

Specialized Expertise

Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services understands the intricacies of commercial vehicles, which require specialized knowledge for repair and maintenance. Our technicians are trained to handle the unique equipment and systems.

Timely Service

Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services ensures that your fleet vehicles are always ready for action by providing quick turnaround times for repairs and routine maintenance, minimizing vehicle downtime.

Compliance and Safety

Commercial fleets must adhere to stringent safety and regulatory standards. Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services ensures that your vehicles remain compliant with all safety and industry regulations, reducing the risk of fines or operational disruptions.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns and ensures vehicles are always in top working condition. Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services schedules regular preventive maintenance to catch and address issues before they become major problems and extend the service life of your fleet.

Cost Efficiency

Focusing on preventive maintenance, timely repairs, and efficient service, Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services can help minimize the overall maintenance costs of your fleet.

Customized Solutions

Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services can tailor their services to meet the unique needs of your fleet, ensuring that your vehicles are equipped and maintained according to your specific requirements.

Minimized Downtime

Their efficient repair and maintenance services help keep your vehicles on the road, minimizing downtime and ensuring you can respond to emergencies promptly.

Contact Finger Lakes Ambulance Fleet Services to discuss your vehicle maintenance and repair needs.