Specialty Care Transport Services


Finger Lakes Ambulance is the only ground agency in the Finger Lakes region to offer Critical Care Transport services with staffed RN's. Our custom built Mobile Intensive Care Unit is staffed by highly skilled Critical Care Transport Paramedics and Flight Certified Paramedics to provide a seamless continuum of care during transport. The Finger Lakes Ambulance MICU/SCT is equipped with:

Physio-Control LifePak 15 Critical Care Monitor

  • Dual Channel Invasive Line Monitoring
  • Capnography and Pulse Oximetry
  • Transcutaneous Pacing
  • IVAC MedSystem III Infusion Pump
Finger Lakes Ambulance MICU/SCT Paramedics are qualified to transport patient with chest tubes, multi-lumen central lines, arterial lines, PA lines, and ICP monitors, pressor agents, fibrinolytics, sedation and anesthesia, balloon pump monitoring, and most other medications.

CareFusion LTV 1200

  • Selectable Mode (A/C, SIMV, CPAP, NPPV(BIPAP))
  • FiO2 range from 0.21-1.0
  • Internal PEEP from 0-20 cm H2O
  • Adjustable I:E
  • Pressure support
  • Volume or pressure ventilation
  • Reverse I:E capable
  • Can be used on any patient greater than 5 kg
Coupled with FLA's bariatric equipment, Finger Lakes Ambulance has the best equipment to ensure the safe transport of all adult patients.

Alaris Pump

  • 3 independent infusion channels
  • Dose rate calculation
  • Selectable drug library
  • Titrate medication by dose or volume