Frequently Asked Questions

I have health insurance, but I received a bill from Finger Lakes for ambulance service. Why?

Finger Lakes Ambulance will be happy to bill your insurance carrier directly. If you received a bill, our crew may not have been able to obtain your insurance information at the time of service. Please call our billing office at (315)462-5701 to provide our staff with your insurance information. Also, some plans do not include ambulance transportation. Check your policy to verify ambulance benefits.

My local volunteer ambulance transported me to the hospital. Why am I being billed by Finger Lakes Ambulance?

Finger Lakes Ambulance was most likely requested to provide Advanced Life Support, based either on the complaint given to the 911 dispatcher or by request of the Basic Life Support crew.

Why does ambulance service cost so much?

As with any service, there are many hidden costs. Wages, benefits, fuel, well maintained ambulances, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and insurance costs continue to rise. Additionally, Medicare typically reimburses only about 40% of what we bill, and in most cases we are prohibited by law from collecting the difference (except for policy deductibles and co-pays). Rates are reflective of the current costs of staffing and maintaining the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care available for you.

I requested an ambulance, but then refused transport. Why am I being billed?

When somebody calls 911 and requests an ambulance, we respond. We provide a ambulance equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, staffed by medically trained personnel to assess your condition and provide treatment. Even if you have refused transport for further evaluation in the Emergency Department, we have provided a technical and expensive service..